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Culture Festival


        Culture Festival in SMAN 3 Bandung is an annual event. This year the culture festival named  Gathapraya which means hope for the future. I really like the concept, it was different from the other senior high school in Bandung. Most school are like to take the theme as the modern theme, but in this theme is modern too but still have the culture of Indonesia.         Gathapraya was held on 30 September 2017, in this culture festival it showed many culture nature, many painting had been shown is the festival, more than 5 painting that showed in the festival.
       In the festival there are so many stands that could I went. But, I had no time. Why? because I met my friends from another school, and most of the time, I was standing in front of the stage.
       Before open gate in 12 o'clock, every X grade students in SMAN 3 Bandung had to be part of parade. Parade that promoted Gathaprayaand also the culture of Indonesia. Each of classes had to sent 2 person t…
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Holiday's Planning


Before the school break on December 2017. On Friday, 25 August 2017. I was at class with my chair mate while she was eating her lunch.  While she was eating, I asked her about her holiday's planning.
Nisya   : " Syifaaaa!!"  Syifa    : " What?! "  Nisya   : " Nothing. Hehehe. Just thinking about holiday next 4 months." Syifa    ; " Oh God, you scared me. Do you know what I thought when you called me?" Nisya   : " No? What is it? Is about me and the chocolate?" Syifa    : " Of course not, you silly. Is about you and him." Nisya   : " What?!" Syifa    : " Ok, let's skip. So what do you want to tell me while you were yelling at me?" Nisya   : " Soooooo, Have you plan about the holiday?" Syifa    : " I don't know. But, I think I have." Nisya   : " What is it? Tell me please.." Syifa    : " So, I am going to Yogyakarta as always." Nisya …
Based on true story.
In the December 2016, it was an exiting month. Why? Because it was a holiday season. My last holiday, i went to US, to LA, San Francisco, And New York. Now, I'm not gonna tell my whole story, but I'm just gonna tell the interesting one.
So, After I had tour in San Francisco, I went to the outlet where there are many sale prices. at the outlet, it was so crowded, many tourist came there. So, My family thought it better if we splited up. So, I agree. I went shopping with  my cousins. I have three cousins, one boy and two girls. After we had an argue about what the first store is, then, we splited up again. I'm with the eldest cousin, and the younger cousin, the boy, with my other girl cousin. Me and my cousin were going to the H&M Store and my other cousins , they were going to the Nike Store, beside the H&M Store.
In the H&M Store, I and my cousin were picking a cute clothes, jacket, hats, and many things. We had so much fun in the store. U…

conversation with a new student


In the 2017, In the 2nd semester, there will be a new student from Jakarta. She is a popular girl from the social media and people are talking about her.

Syifa  : "Hey, I heard that there is a new student that has been moved from Jakarta and so popular,                      is that you?"
Nisya : "Hah? Seriously? I am a new girl. But, I am not a popular girl. Anyway, let me introduce                       myself, I am Nisya. Whats yours?"
Syifa  : "I am Syifa. What class are you in?"
Nisya : "I believe I am in x-science 4."
Syifa  : "What a coincidence! I am in x-science 4,too. Anyway, can I ask you some questions?"
Nisya : "Of course."
Syifa  : "Why do you choose to move to Bandung instead?"
Nisya : "It is because my father has to moved here for his job."
Syifa  : "What does your father do?"
Nisya : "My father is a doctor."

*The bell is ringing

Syifa : "Ooh okkay. Anyway, the bell is r…

About me!

Hello, everyone! Thanks for your time for read my blog. That in this blog I would like to tell you all about myself. Okkkkey!!! Here we go ....

 My life is literally fantastic, but sometimes in some point it would be drop down to the bottom.
Ok, so first my name. My full name is Siti Nadya Khairunissa Alamsyah.  My family and my friends usually call me Nisya. You all can call me Nisya, too. I am 14 years-old. In this November I will turning 15 years-old. Ohh, I can't wait! Okkey, past. I live in Bandung. In Bandung i live around Antapani. I was just graduated from SMPN 5 Bandung. And now, my school is in SMAN 3 Bandung.

Okeyy, so now we entering about me about myself about my life.
My first experience that I think my life was literally dramatic was when i was in the Junior High Scool. I'm not lying. Because all about the drama is so really real. When I graduated elementary school and about going to Junior High School, I was thinking to go the SWASTA . And I was in, I was come …