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Why we choose "Quality Education?'
Quality education is the key that will allow many other SDG's to be achieved. When people are able to get quality education they can break form the cycle of poverty. Quality education of someone affects their own future.

So now we get into the point.. 
Enrollment in primary education in developing countrieshas been reached 91%. It is a good news for education.
There has been enormous progress in achieving primary education.There are..
1. Worldwide number of children out of school has dropped by almost half
2. A dramatic increase in literacy rates
3. Many more girls are in school than ever before

The other progress has also been seen in some developing regions who has seen an increase in the number of children out of school.
Beside the progress,we have a fact that..
Globally 6 out of 10 children and adolescents are not achieving a minimum level of proficiency in reading and math.

So what we can do?
We can ask our government to place education as a pr…
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Is it Youtube friendly?

Is it Youtube friendly?
     Youtube is an American video-sharing website headquartered in San Bruno,California. Youtube is one of many media social that used by many Indonesian young generations. Youtube is allowing users to uploud,view, rate, share, add to favorites, report and comments on videos, and many other things. For Indonesian young generations, youtube have good and bad impact. There are many things that we don't realize how youtube affect us.
      In Indonesia, there are many young youtubers from different speciality, like beauty, food, traveling, and others. Youtube can be provided as a job. Many artist are becoming a youtuber and they think that as a job. But not a few youtuber that had bad influences for our young generations. Many young viewers had seen their idol in youtube, even though they didn't know what were their seen are good or bad., especially on behavior. Many young youtubers had spoken freely, the disn't think that their words will ruined many…

Invitation Letter Analysis

1. Invitee: People who get the invitation letter
      2.Body of invitation:
Occasion: To Invite people to Mario and Barbara Gottuso's 40th Wedding Anniversary.Day or Date: Friday, 25 January 2008Time: 6.30 AM (in the morning)Place: The Golden Club of Jacksonville. 1005 Riverside Avenue - Jacksonville Florida 32204      3. Inviter: The childen of Mario and Barbara Gottuso's.     4. Salutation : " You are invited by the children of Mario and Barbara Gottuso."      5. There is no signature

Formal Letter

CALIFORNIA UNIVERSITY Cristine Malva, M.Pd. Professor and Chairman Department of Urology, Faculty of Medicine, California University 21 Rose Street, Beverly Hills, California, Los Angeles, United States Tel: (916) 554-0511 November 5th, 2018 Alika Nadia Satya, MD, MPH. Director Centre for Urological Research Summer Health Research Institute 10 Apple Rose, London England
Dear Dr. Alika,
As California’s University professor, we are impressed by your academic accomplishments in the field of Urology. Specifically, we are interested at your research about da Vinci robot and da Vinci robotic prostatectomy.
We cordially invite you to California University as our visiting professor in December 2018. Our faculty are very exited about hearing your perspective on robotics and prostate cancer, particularly with regards to your nerve-sparing and potency preserving technique.
We enthusiastically welcome you to California, Los Angeles, United States.
With our warmest regards,

Cristine Ma…

Debate 1 & 2

Debate 1 & 2

DEBATE 1 : "The house should ban cigarettes from the society."

Opening Government

Cigarettes have a bad influence for health. It gave a bad inpact for our body. It's also makes other people (passive or active smoker)  not health because they actually breathe with the same air (passive or active smoker).  We can do many things or any activities to relieve stress, such as singing. Even though we smoke in the private room, it still have ventilations for the air sirculation.
Opening Opposition
Cigarettes can do for a way to releiive stress. Some of people maybe like it that way. It's also a human rights for them to choose either to smoke or not. And it had been a culture for some boys, who want to be a mature, to smoke in our society. And that culture is hard to erase.
Closing Govenment
To make Indonesia and new generation heathy, We must not smoke. So we can live healthier than before.
Closing Opposition
If cigarettes stop producing, it will affect the incom…

Offering and Suggestion Analysis

In this blog, I will analysis my friends conversation about offering and suggestion. My friends are Sabrina Diva and Sespiana from XI Mipa 4. Before I analysis the conversation, I will write the conversation below, after that, I will write the analysis.

My friends had already chosen the topic for their conversation, the topic is about choosing a major at the college. And this was the conversation :
Sabrina : " Hai,Sespi." Sespi    : " Hai, Sab. Why you look sad?" Sabrina : " I'm confused." Sespi    : " Confused about what? Boyfriend huh? :)" Sabrina : " Hahaha. Of course not. I'm confused about what major I will choose during that college." Sespi    : " What kind of lesson do you like?" Sabrina : " I like art culture and also mathematics." Sespi    : " Hmm, How about architecht?" Sabrina : " At first, I insisted to choose architecht too, but my mom told me to choose a bussiness." Sespi  …

Conversation about the additional subject

Conversation about choosing the additional subject.

This conversation were between me and my chairmate in class, Syifa Indira.

After 1 month school break, me and all my friends are going to be a second grade in the High school. We are going to be in one class again because the class will always be the same for 3 years in High school.
There is a different between first grade and the second grade, the different is that in the first grade, we won't be able to choose our additional subject because they all had to be learned at that time, however in the second grade, we must choose our additional subject between Economic and Germany.

Syifa : " Uhhh.. It's so hard to decide the subject that I willl choose!"
Nisya : " Hmm.. I think it depens on you."
syifa : " But how?"
Nisya : " Which one do you like? Economic or Germany?"
Syifa : " Hmm.. Let me think. Actually I prefer Germany than Economic."
Nisya : " So, what do you worry abo…